the process.   

plantfro 2.jpg

Brandi Harper was raised in Brooklyn, where she learned to make clothes that could actually fit her curvy figure. First came crochet than came knitting. There has always been a pull towards materials derived from the earth. They seem to speak a language all can speak and tend to stick around for a while. 

For Brandi, creating is an intimate process. It doesn't matter what you make as long as you do it with love and continue to do so even when the act is not easy. Creativity is meant to be shared and sometimes sold and other times, it's a party of one happening on a messy floor. It evolves like the phases of the moon. 

Below are a collection of proses + images outlining her philosophy. Inspiration for any new project comes when the ocean leaves a mark in the sand or when seeing a colliding of colors. It happens just as perfectionism is leaves and results are welcome at the door. The most renewable source of creative energy comes from constantly returning to a forgiving state of mind nourished and surrounded by the soulful, the useful and the natural. Below are collections of my favorite things that do just that. 


 just bark.